The company

NETINEX S.A., a subsidiary company of the Grupo SAPIMSA, is a specialized firm dedicated exclusively to the provision of all types of services around the SAP R/3 Information system.

SAP R/3 manages in an integrated way all the Functional Areas of any type of company. Through the principle of single information data, with more than 2000 business processes included in the standard, based on server technology, fully parameterizable and flexible, is the undisputed leader in a market sector.

It complements its rich functionality with the widest range of specific solutions for almost all existing industries (Oil, Telecommunications, Construction, Retail, Textile, Mining, Public Sector, Defense, Aerospace, etc.).

SAP R/3 has expanded its suite with so-called “New Dimension Products” such as SEM (Control Panel), SCM (Value Chain Management), BW (Data Warehouse), among others that greatly enrich the product.

SAP R/3 is the pioneering business solution in integrating the Internet within its operational core. Solutions such as Business to Business Procurement, CRM Customer Relationship Management, Marketplace (Market Set), put you at the forefront of e-business ERP solutions.

In NETINEX S.A. We are proud to work with the SAP R/3 product.

It also defines a set of characteristics, not less known, are less true, such as:

  • Culture of excellence in service.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed from customers.
  • Fluent knowledge transfer SAP R / 3.
  • Agile, fast and efficient implementations.
  • Adequate project size.
  • Excellent cost / benefit ratio.
  • Use of standard SAP methodology.
  • SAP R / 3 System ready to work.
  • Optimum management of change.
  • Standard or custom training, incorporated into projects.
  • Knowledge and application of critical success factors in projects.
  • SAP Quality Control.

In addition, we have the support of the Grupo SAPIMSA, Consulting Partner of SAP, the oldest company in its sector (1990), with more than 100 professionals to tackle any challenge that is proposed to us.

We are your reliable technology partner in SAP. See us as a loyal ally. With us, you will be assured of success in any project or type of collaboration that you want to raise.

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