Software Factory

Technological infrastructure

The obvious need to put ourselves ahead of our customers in terms of the innovations and improvements offered by the R/3 system, the continuous training that is provided to our staff (accounts for 3.5% of turnover), and finally research Necessary for the development of complementary products to the system, requires a technological infrastructure capable of satisfying all of the above.

For this we currently have:

  • A R3 installation version 4.5B under Solaris / Oracle on a SUN Enterprise 450.
  • An R / 3 installation version 4.6C, in the same previous environment.
  • An R / 3 4.6C Installation (IDES) on Windows NT and IBM Netfinity 3000.
  • A productive installation, version 4.6C, on Windows NT and IBM Netfinity 3000.
  • A Server for the SAP Utilities System (IS-U) and SAP Public Sector (IS-PS).
  • Various IBM Netfinity Servers.
  • An installation of EBP (mySAP SRM) and mySAP CRM 3.1.
  • An installation of mySAP BI.
  • Remote connections to several of our R / 3 clients.

Thus, in recent years we have been talking about the concept of “Software Factory”, which is to apply criteria of high productivity and quality, to date, a traditional field of design and development of information systems. This concept of “Software Factory” is a model based on the application of economies of scale and reuse of knowledge in the “production” of information systems.

In this way, all customers who wish to have a test bench of the latest versions of SAP, as well as the possibility of continuous formation in the system and the different R / 3 modules.

For this reason GRUPO SAPIMSA has a building in property, in Calle Alcalá 490 (Madrid), where it has enough space (2000 m²) and to which it has equipped with the technology and human resources necessary for the provision of services Mentioned, as well as for the design and development of innovative ideas within the SAP system.

NETINEX S.A. Company of the group located in Asturias also offers all the consulting services in the mySAP Business Suite environment.

Software developed by NETINEX S.A. And Grupo SAPIMSA

NETINEX S.A. Has developed zNtxAnaRep (Netinex Reports Analyzer), a tool for SAP R/3 that creates HTML flowcharts from source codes in ABAP and that deserved a prize in the VI AUSAPE Conference held in 2004.

We are currently developing a superior version of the previous program capable of identifying the SAP R/3 area to which it belongs and other data: whether it is standard or not, functions it uses, calls to specific transactions or BAPIs, access or not to the database. Data, logical databases it employs, etc …

We are also developing the first SAP R/3 system for authenticating and digital document signing using RSA technology and the XAdES electronic signature standard.

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