MySAP is much more than the SAP AG e-commerce solution. In view of the saturation of the ERP market and the emergence of the Internet as a new channel of communication and sales, SAP has put in the market a set of applications and services, very attractive to customers, that integrating standard SAP R/3 modules , Incorporates a multitude of functional elements.

The mySAP initiative consists of a complete set of e-business solutions and services, such as:

mySAP Application Hosting

SAP AG has created an SAPHosting subsidiary, which offers its customers the use of mySAP applications over the Internet. Servers, maintenance staff, version changes are in the hands of SAPHosting, so the customer should not worry about maintenance and system update. I believe that these hosting services for applications like SAP R/3, difficult to manage and expensive to maintain, have a great future. I have worked in companies that had all the hardware and SAP subcontracted and really works, with a parabolic in our facilities we can be working with an SAP system that is anywhere in the world. Companies that manage their business with SAP applications see how the required hardware resources increase exponentially with the life of the application, which increases the price paid for the maintenance of these systems. In addition the experts in administration of these sophisticated systems, are counted in Spain in drops account and their salaries are not accessible by the majority of the companies of our country.

mySAP Marketplace

SAP AG has created another subsidiary -SAPMarkets- focused specifically on the development of marketplaces. A marketplace is a virtual business-to-business (B2B) marketplace where buyers and sellers are contacted. Their business potential is really great and the advantages for large companies are huge. Do you imagine that the shopping departments of the supermarkets or auto manufacturers would join? Losers are small businesses because they can not compete for price. Fifteen marketplaces are currently operational, most notably http: //marketplace.mySAP. The Marketplace is an SAP website where four functionalities are offered: · Community: chat, forums, information … · Content: news, information … · Trade: yellow pages, sale. · Collaboration: dealer management, … The Marketplace, Workplace and SAP R/3 are fully integrated, so with the drag & drop technique you can for example select an order and drag it to a web site of the carrier that we have identified in the Workplace , And you can automatically see the status of the delivery. The goal of the Marketplace is to conduct business (buying and selling) in one step. Other prominent marketplaces are Emaro, a global online marketplace for office equipment, equipment and furniture and, the first European B2B marketplace to serve on the network to consumer product manufacturers, suppliers, agents, wholesalers and retailers , Operating in the segments of toys and games, home and kitchens, clothing and accessories and sports articles.

mySAP Workplace

The Workplace is a graphical interface to launch any program that can be used by a user, so SAP pretends that regardless of the applications that a user uses, its entry point is the SAP Workplace. In addition, this environment is fully parameterizable and can launch from Microsoft Office programs, SAP R/3, APO, CRM transactions, access to Internet pages, have statistics on which the user bases their decisions, etc.

mySAP E-Business Solutions

Integrated mySAP e-business solutions link front end and back office systems (SAP R/3 …), creating new opportunities for the dynamic exchange of information beyond the conventional boundaries of the business, developing the full potential of the business by Internet. A whole world of new applications that open SAP R/3 to the world of Internet. MySAP eCommerce solutions include: mySAP eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore eStore E-Commerce

mySAP Mobile Business

It allows access to the information systems of the company from wherever we are.

mySAP Services

SAP consulting services for the implementation of e-business solutions.

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