NETINEX S.A. Employs the implementation methodology SAP projects called AcceleratedSAP (known in the SAP world as ASAP). Our firm was the first to successfully use this methodology in our HUNOSA client. Six months of work were used to implement the modules Financial Economics, Logistics – Purchases and Maintenance, to the full satisfaction of the client.

It is not necessary to point out the importance of having a methodological tool. ASAP is also a planning tool with a wide variety of templates to produce documentation, as well as the so-called “implementation accelerators” and “tips and tricks” that are very useful for implementation projects.

Questionnaires and a Database of Questions and Answers, facilitate the initial data collection, and those that are carried out throughout the project, feeding that database that can be used as a “Repository” of the business processes, and Why not say, the knowledge of each company that decides to implement SAP.

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