SAP R/3® is multi-currency (especially important for companies operating abroad), incorporating a program for conversion capable of working with different types of change.

Another advantage is that it is directly connected to the Internet and ready for e-commerce. Thus the World Wide Web (www) can serve as an alternative user interface for R/3 enterprise applications, opening new avenues of business for customers.

On the other hand, SAP R/3® operates in the USA, Europe, Asia or Africa with equal efficiency thanks to the existing versions in 24 languages ​​(including Chinese, Kanji and Cyrillic) and the 39 country-specific versions that allow working with Different currencies, taxes and tax regulations. And all this ensuring a perfect interrelation between them. The universality of SAP R/3 is not only adaptability to currencies, languages ​​or laws, but it is able to meet the needs of both small and medium-sized companies (more than 50% of installations) and large multinationals (Aerospace and defense, automotive, banking and insurance, consumer goods, health management, engineering and construction, oil and gas, etc.).

SAP R/3® has other advantages. It offers more than just computer solutions. The applications also link your business processes with those of your customers and suppliers, allowing you to integrate banks and other partner companies (including the aforementioned TeamSap® and its partners with a 24-hour customer service availability) into the communications (National and international).

It offers the possibility to choose from more than 100 scenarios and 2000 business processes already made in many industrial sectors, allowing to benefit from the business models of leading companies. SAP has developed a comprehensive library of predefined business processes that span every functional software requirement. New business processes and technologies are made available to customers on a regular basis, providing business solutions to the latest technological level, allowing them to meet ever-changing market demand.

It also has early warning systems such as EarlyWatch and GoingLive Check that help detect and correct problems before they affect operations. SAP is infinitely expandable: it is possible to design specific software in ABAP, the SAP programming language. In fact SAP is an excellent development platform.

It needs short periods of implementation with the use of an accelerated methodology of work, such is ASAP (AcceleratedSAP). Currently, depending on the modules to be implemented, 90% of the installations are made in less than a year, many of them in less than 6 months, allowing a quick return on investment. The installation, in any case, depends on the functionality to be implemented and the complexity of the company. The duration should not seem excessive if we consider that it involves the adaptation of information technologies, processes, personnel and even the specific design of functionalities not covered with the standard software.

It has an open architecture system that makes it easy for companies to choose their computer equipment, databases and operating systems in a way that maximizes advances in technology. Its architecture is fully scalable and can even be distributed thanks to its client / server architecture of three different levels:

Database Server

The central computer that manages all the functions of the database such as update, query and others.

Application server

It is connected to the Database server, and for each department of the company, it loads and executes the programs and applications (departmental computers). (In many cases, both servers can go on the same machine).

Presentation server

Workstations and personal computers connect to the previous level of application and present and make accessible information and processes to the user.

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